Shipping Policy
We are a custom order builder, usually 3 - 5 days to complete your order. We do stock some case models that can be shipped the same day. If a specific camoflauge case is desired, it is recommended to call ahead for availability.
1-866-tre-bark (873-2275)

At Treebark Cameras we ship all units insured with a signature required, ensuring that you receive your unit. Three days is normal for delivery in central Alberta. 5 days to other areas. Local pick-up is welcome and we will even deliver free to the Edmonton area.

Canada Post shipping is $17 for all Alberta orders and $25 for two or three units. Other western Canada areas, outside Alberta (BC to Manitoba) is $23 for one unit, and $27 for 2 - 3 units. For Ontario and USA orders, shipping is $27 for 1 - 3 units. UPS will be used for all USA orders.