Treebark Cameras warrantees the electronic components of all Olympus and Sony "P" series models for a 12 month period from the purchase date. If any defects should arise within the warranty period, Treebark Cameras will repair or replace the unit in a timely manner. Treebark Cameras will also cover the shipping of warranty items.

Not covered
Due to the high number of Treebark Cameras being used in bear bait applications, damage due to animals is not covered. Although the electronic components are covered under normal wear and tear of the trail camera, if excessive damage to the case is evident, the electronic components will not be covered. The cost for repairs of non-warranty items is very reasonable.

Our Treebark camera units are constructed from good sturdy Pelican, Otter and UK Kinetics underwater cases and stand up to weather and normal wear and tear very well. We are quite sure you will be happy with your investment.